Wild Board's Adventure Part  4


Adventures in India in search of snow and freeride. A trip to Delhi, an introduction to the culture and habits of Indians, Continue to Kashmir to the place of Gulmarg. High mountains, a lot of snow and space for skiing. To all those looking for adventure themselves on the ass is dedicated

The film used materials

Daniel Lehmann

Kurtis Hough

Nilu Amin

Andy Ash

Thomas Fontaine

Ömar Bazaz

Feroz from gulmarg Patrick from Australia


Музыка в фильме:

Otis McDonald - Not For Nothing Sanctuary by norty

Tera Mujhse - kishoreDa

Bansure raga - native Rajastan by Alfredo De Pietra

DJ4Kat & L'Artisan - Breakdance in Kabul

Ryan Little - Libertad (Charytin's "Mas No Feliz" Sample Flip)

Ane Brun feat. First Aid Kit - Do You Remember (Live) by Gimme Indie



Thanks to:   Gulmarg.ru